The Beginning

It’s been a week since dad attended the Family History Expo in Pleasanton, California.  It was his first such seminar and he says that he learned quite a bit.  One of the sessions he attended discussed genealogy blogs.  Thus, the reason for this new blog.  It was presented by Thomas MacEntee, the Geneablogger.  It was a good session and he said he learned a whole lot from Mr. MacEntee.  

I have not quite decided how I am going to write this blog.  I have a whole bunch of ideas going through my head right now… so I think I will let it develop a little.  

Here is a little taste of my history… not necessarily genealogically oriented for now.  This is my third blog.  My first blog was one that I started when I was just four days old.  You see, I was a preemie and we used the blog format to keep the communication lines open with family members and friends so that mommy and daddy could concentrate on taking care of me.  Well, it worked… I am here and doing very well at two and a half years old.  The second blog that I started was going to be a genealogically oriented blog as well; however, the name was a little long and obscure so we abandoned it for now… and so here we are with the third blog.  =)  

Unfortunately, it is past my bed time and I have to get some sleep so I can play and learn at school in the morning.  So I will sign off for now.  

Oh one more thing… the name of the blog is blended twigs genealogy.