I read my post from last night and thought I would expand a little on the title of this blog. The beauty of family history is that it is a blending of two families, at least in recent history. The fun part is figuring out where the families came from and what part of history did they play a part in.

For example, my first cousin four times removed is a lady named Jennie Gerome. Jennie Gerome married Lord Randolph Churchill and they had a son… Who became the Prime Minister of England from 1941 - 1945 and 1951 -1955 Sir Winston Churchill. That is just one of the people that I, errr my dad, errrr actually my great-grandmother has linked to history through her many years of research. I plan on expanding on how my family tree has blended in the recent past and how I am the most recent fruit on my daddies branch of our tree.