Daddy’s interest in Genealogy

My great-grandmother, Barbara May Townsend Smith (March 1, 1923 - March 6, 2009) began researching our family tree many many years ago.  Daddy has a lot of letters from relatives, histories from different family members, books from different lines of the families, and many more interesting tidbits.  Daddy is currently working on putting all of the familial relations into Family Tree Maker in order to organize all of the information.  

When daddy was a teenager, he remembers visiting great-grandma’s house in Hayward, CA.  Back then, the computer was just beginning to show up in homes.  According to one of my grandfather’s, she had one of the first home computers built by a company called I.B.M.  (sorry got sidetracked) Anyways, great-grandma spent many hours working on the genealogy and entering it into her computer.  They did not have a family tree program back then so she entered all of the information into Wordstar, a program that is similar to Microsoft Word, but much more “basic.”  Because it was so many years ago, the data is lost and daddy has had little success retrieving it.  Therefore, Daddy has been manually entering the information from a couple of the books.  

One of the books is the Erwin Family Tree.  The very first generation in the book is Arthur Erwin (Mar 1726 - 9 Jun 1791).  He is one of my ggggggggggreat-grandfathers.  He has entered all of the people from this book into the family tree program already and there are about 2000+ of them.  

Another family book is one authored in 1886 by Charles Henry Jones.  The name of the book is Genealogy of the Rodman Family ( My great-great-great-grandmother, Viola Eliza Rodman is the second youngest generation in the ten generations of this family dating as far back as 1620.  Viola is on page 210 in the book.   

There are other books that daddy “inherited” from great-grandma Smith and with time, those too will be entered into the family tree; however, with just our family ass it is today and as much as has been entered of these two books, there are 6,313 people entered into the database thus far.  =)  I think that is pretty cool.  =)  

With the time change, I am pretty tired so I must be headed off to bed.  Good night and happy family tree climbing.  =)