Rodrigues Progress…

This will probably be a pretty short post… my tummy is hurting.  

Daddy came home from work with some great news… while he was at work, he received a voice-mail from the County.  It looks like we may have narrowed down my great-great-grandfather Manuel Rodrigues’s death date.  

In my last post, I said that daddy did some research and requested three copies of death certificates from the Alameda County Clerks office.  On December 5, 2010, daddy did a little more research and found that great-great-grandpa was not in the 1930 census.  This shows that he probably was not living because he would have been living with my great-great-grandma if he was still alive.  This information widdled out one of the three contenders that daddy requested.  

When daddy received the voice-mail, the clerk said that the Manuel that passed in 1923 was widowed and we know that great-great-grandma was alive into the 1940’s.  Additionally, he was born in Spain.

The last Manuel had a wife named Mary and he was born in Madeira (a Portuguese Island.)  Therefore, it looks like great-grandma never knew her grandfather like she believed.