False Alarm…

After looking over the death certificate and I wish daddy had the document scanned… he realized that it is not his great-great grandpa.  First, it said that the person had only been in the United States for five years.  We know that in 1921 he had been here for approximately 15 years.  Additionally, it said that he was a widower, my great-great-great grandmother (his wife) passed away in the 1940’s.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.  

Daddy spent some time talking to grandpa about the problem.  Daddy told grandpa that because he can’t seem to find Manuel (I am only using his first name because I am getting confused with all of the generational translation)  he is going to start looking for my Great-great-great Grandma Mary Rodrigues.  Like her husband, Daddy can’t find any record of where she is buried.  Daddy knows that she died in the 1940’s and grandpa seems to have memories of going to her house in Alameda, Ca when she was very sick.  So… she probably died in 1948 or 1949.  Grandpa was born in 1946 and that would make him two or three when she passed away.  Looking at the death index for the 1940’s with that time range in mind… it narrows the Mary Rodrigues’s down to January 11, 1949 or December 2, 1949.  Daddy will have to look for the obituaries the next time he goes to the Oakland Public Library or the Cal State Hayward Library.  

Well, I must sign off… because I am getting very sleepy very quickly… =)  So… good night.