Narrowing the scope…

I know… I know… it has been nearly two months since my last post…

Daddy had Friday, February 11th off… he works for the County and today was the only holiday that they have off that… it seems, no one else in the world does… Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday.  

Daddy went to the Oakland Family History Center and did a little bit of work on finding great-great-great Grandpa.  With the help of an employee at the library, Carol, he was able to narrow down the date of death window for him a little bit.  G-g-g-grandpa’s middle initial was A and it appears that he was the only Manuel A. Rodrigues in Alameda County in that era.  

Before today, the last record that daddy had of G-g-g-grandpa was the 1920 Census in which the family was living on 8th St. in East Oakland.  Today, they found the Oakland City Directory for 1923 in which the family was still living at the same address.  

He also found a more extensive death index than the microfiche at the Oakland Public Library.  I am hopeful that he will find these elusive relatives soon.  =)  

Time to sign off for now… I will try to post more often.  =)