Starting again…

Okay… so it has been a bit since I have written anything here… I’ll just say… I am a little older and wiser and I can finally reach all the keys on the keyboard.

Genealogically speaking… Daddy hasn’t had any real breakthroughs lately. He has been working on some of his other hobby’s and he has been working an awful lot.

Actually, grandma has been building on the tree a lot… she has found a couple of family members that were members of the parish at Mission Dolores Basilica in San Francisco, CA in the 1870’s.

According to an email she received from the parish, my great great great grandparents, Frank Llewellyn White and Nellie F. Rippon were married there on 1 May 1879. As well, my great great great great grandma, Ann Rippon, was also buried there in the cemetery on January 23, 1878. Her son, William Henry Dunn was also buried with her.

Well, thats it for now… I have to sneak back into bed… as mommy and daddy don’t know I am on the computer. =) Talk to you soon.